With enormous pleasure, immense happiness and deep love for handworks, I'm presenting to you WOOLNIKA.

My name is Vera, the founder of Woolnika

Woolnika started as a magical dream and great love for hand-knitted garments that are equal as the
most beautiful art and our appreciation to the natural fibres as basic, healthy and comfortable for
everyday garments, especially for our little ones.
Our love for handknits is based on more than 120 years of a family tradition of hand-knitting and creating clothing
for every member of the family and production of home garments for everyday usage such as:
carpets, wool blankets, pillows, bags etc.
So, the tradition and the past are inspiration Woolnika to be our future connection with nature
through the clothing collections, hand-knitted just for your little ones from high-quality natural fibres
such as cotton, wool and alpaca wool and very much love.

We wanted to create, knit and offer collections that are nature-friendly but also kids and family-friendly something that can be worn with proud, happiness and generations but still very fashionable, sweet and comfortable. Regarding all this, we knit only with natural fibres that are free and untreated with any chemical
treatments prior to the dyeing making them the best nature handmade knitted wear for your new-
born or little kid.