A Very Happy 1st Birthday WOOLNIKA!

November is a very beautiful and happy month for me. It's a month of births. First, my very beloved son is born in November, and from then the cold, autumn and rainy November became a very warm, happy and sunny for me. Several years after my son's birth who's my main inspiration for creating and launching something new, Woolnika was also born in November.

When my son was born, as a new mom I was searching and looking for the best experiences form the other moms regarding the clothes, the toys, the baby equipment, the food... As experienced knitter and a very much knit lover, I knitted the first pair of cute mint booties for my little one. Then, I started to knit everything that I needed for my son: from blankets, to socks, jumpsuits, pants, cardigans, bonnets, sleeping sacks... During the knitting process, I realised that we have a very few options for using and buying a very natural, organic, but also fashionable and comfortable clothes for our babies and kids. And there was the idea! As a parents, we wish all the best for our kids and we're looking for the best for them. The best clothes, handmade, organic, hand-knitted with high-quality fibres, natural and soft, fashionable and cute at the same time. And Voilà! Woolnika was born.

It took several years, before we've launched Woolnika in it's full light. Several years of hard work, ideas, sketches, yarns, knitting... But the most important, very much dedication and love for the best knitting clothes for our little precious ones.

This November, Woolnika is celebrating the 1st Birthday and we're celebrating one year of hard work, best quality, lots of knitted baby and kids garments and clothes, tons of love, lots of new friends and costumers, lots of support messages, best wishes and satisfaction.

I'm very proud of what we've achieved this year. Very happy with the gorgeous hand-knitted baby and kids clothes custom made for lot of kids, very happy for the happiness on the parent's faces knowing that they're buying the best for their kids, very happy for the natural clothes knowing that we create something very natural, organic and sustainable for our future generations.

We will remain on this track and we'll insist on creating and producing the best for our precious little ones.

Happy 1st Birthday Woolnika! Wish for much more to celebrate, with lot of happy customers and the best hand-knitted clothes!

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