How to care of Woolnika's handknits

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When I was thinking about what should be a topic for my next blog, I assumed that it's very necessary to discuss and describe the maintenance process of the #handknits. It is very important for the handknits to care correctly so they will last longer and in their best condition.

Since we have two types of handknits regarding the fibre they're #knitted, I'll explain the maintenance process for the #cotton handknits and #woollen handknits separately.

Baby organic clothes and handknits care

The cotton handknits are handmade with 100 % pure cotton fibre, which makes them very long-lasting, soft, natural and #organic #clothes what is most important when you choose clothes for your babies and kids. The cotton clothes are the best underwear clothes (like baby rompers) for every season of the year and they're also the best clothes for warm weather because are natural and breathable what makes them very comfortable wear for your kids. Their maintenance is easier and they can be washed into the washing machine on a gentle cycle 40°C - 60°C, Do not bleach, Dry Flat, they can be dry cleaned, Iron at a medium temperature (not exceeding 150°C), Do not tumble dry.

The #woollen @handknits are handmade with 100 % natural #wool or with a yarn combination of wool and #alpaca, which makes them the most loved and sold clothes for the cold autumn and winter days. The woollen clothes are very soft, very warm and comfortable for everyday wear because the warmness it's what we need on cold days. Also, woollen clothes are long-lasting and they are recognised as clothes for several generations if they are maintained and cared correctly. It's very important for the woollen clothes to be hand-washed, max 30°C, to be dried flat, to be ironed at a low temperature (not exceeding 110°C). Also, it's very important to not tumble dry, to not be bleached and they can be dry cleaned.

Woolnika is offering you the best #hand-knitted and #organic baby and kids clothes. You can choose a lot of cotton and woollen clothes from our Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter Collection.

All of them can be worn with generation if they are cared for properly, in accordance with the care instructions.

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