Knitting is the new yoga

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Greeting to all :)

When I was thinking about what should be my next topic for my knitting blog, I've also thought about everyday activities, worked on my new hand-knitted Spring/Summer kids collection (and enjoyed in the process :)), arranged and fulfilled some other tasks and I've realised that we are for sure, in some kind of everyday race with the time and we have no time for lots of interests and other staff that we would gladly enjoy it.

So, we will agree that we need some personal space, some #hobby, some extra time just for us. To relax.

Everyone has their way of relaxing. For someone that is #exercising, reading books, walking, creating artworks, hanging out with friends, painting, writing, travelling. For others or better said for someone like me, there is one special hobby - #knitting. And I'm very much sure that there is a lot of people that enjoy it as a very creative and relaxing way of spending the free time.

Since starting my hand-knitted fairy tale Woolnika, knitting was just a hobby, very interesting and calming and also very productive - as a way of creating everyday hand-knitted #clothing for my little one. I've never thought before about the meaning of knitting and it's #relaxing power, it was just a way of making clothes and relaxing at the same time.

Within all the preparation, analyses, exploring the #knitting market, I found out that there are lot of organisations, communities, concept stores and associations where people are participating and where the main aim is to learn or to teach someone to #knit. I was fascinated by the knowledge that knitting can be very interesting way of connecting people and in the same time a way of sharing ideas and knowledge, spending very productive time with creative company, learn something new and the most important - relax.

From my personal experience as an experienced knitter, I'm very delighted that I found a way to connect my very personal #yoga and my desire for healthier childhood and lifestyle for our little ones. I'm very happy that we can use the hand knitting as a very productive and #creative way for relaxing, personal fulfilment and happiness but also we can create and hand knit natural clothes for our baby and kids. With using #wool, #alpaca and pure #cotton fibres during hand #knitting the kids collection, we're connected with the nature in several beautiful ways.

We'll gladly continue to hand knit clothes for our #babies and #kids only with pure natural fibres and in that way we stay Eco friendly, healthy lifestyle oriented, fashionable and relaxed at the same time. But the most important is that our little ones will be happy, healthy, warm and comfortable wearing the #hand-knitted natural clothes.

If my Woolnika hand knitted fairy tale is yoga, so the yoga is very much happiness.

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