Why it's so important to wear natural fibres and hand knitted clothing?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hello to all of you :) Today's blog I'm dedicating it to the #healthy #lifestyle and the fashionable clothes. And I suppose that you're wondering what's in common between our kids, fashion and the healthy lifestyle that's so modern nowadays. Believe me, nothing is more connected as these three words: baby, fashion and healthy lifestyle.

When we're thinking for a healthy lifestyle, most often we're thinking of food, exercise, physical condition, natural cosmetics. But, we're missing something essential: as the skin is the main and the largest part of the human body and covered with clothes all the time, we should be more careful with choosing the everyday wear, don't we? Especially when we're buying the clothes for our newborns or little kids.

As a knitting lover, I'm very delighted to share with you why it's so important for our kids to wear #handmade, #handknitted, #woollen and #natural fibres clothing.

First of all, the #handknitted #baby #clothes are #natural, soft, warm and #organic. Created and #handmade with natural fibres makes them very suitable for everyday wear from the first day of our babies. Compared with the clothes from synthetic fibres, they allow the skin to breathe, without allergy risks of some synthetic components, without skin rashes, without sweating. The natural fibres as #wool, #cotton, #linen, #silk are as natural as our skin is and there is very strong bond among it.

What's also important for baby's every day's wear is the comfort of the clothes and their sustainability. The hand #knitted clothes only with natural fibres are just that: comfy, soft, suitable for everyday wear and sustainable for a long time. It's believed that hand-knitted baby clothes are clothes for several generations: never go out of fashion and never lose their quality.

So, as we try to lead a healthy lifestyle and drink bottled water, eat organing vegetables and fruits, lead a #vegan or #vege healthy life, we should also insist in wearing only natural fibres clothing.

Therefore, #Woolnika isn't just a brand for knitted baby clothes.

Woolnika is baby clothes brand, hand-knitted only with natural fibres: wool, alpaca and cotton, handmade with #Oeko-Tex certified fibres. Woolnika's baby hand-knitted clothes are a way to a healthy childhood, to a healthy and happy baby and kid.

Most important of all, Woolnika's baby hand-knitted clothes are a way to back to #nature, to #natural living, natural clothes. And when we say nature, we mean healthy.

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