Woolnika Started as a Magical Hand knitted Dream

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

With enormous pleasure, immense happiness and deep hand #knitted love, I'm writing this first blog as an introduction and meeting with you.

My name is Vera, the founder of Woolnika.

It sounds very short and simple, isn't it?

But actually, it's much more than.

Woolnika is one profound and deep love to everything handmade, hand-knitted, soft & warm.

But what's most important in my Woolnika hand-knitted story is the fibres: sheep wool, alpaca and pure natural cotton, all of them simple natural fibres.

The importance of nature in our everyday living is what inspires me to make a strong bond between the natural fibres, hand knitting as my great love and our future - our kids. It really matters what kind of clothes we're dressing to them.

As a kid, I've also grown up with lots of hand-knitted everyday garments, and not just knitted but also hand-knitted only with natural #sheep #wool. My grandparents towards my mother had a family tradition of sheep farm for more than 120 years. We had lots of clothes, blankets, carpets and other home garments hand-knitted by my grandmother and my mother for everyday usage. And they were absolutely stunning: natural, woollen, warm and soft. In the middle of the 20th century, they've also #handmade a lot of woollen home garments, exported and sold them at various handmade bazaars that were held in the European cities and countries: Venice (Italy), Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Germany.

Six years ago, when I became a mother to a gorgeous baby boy, I started to hand-knit natural woollen clothes for him and realise how important is the quality of the baby clothes especially when they are so small and fragile. There is no other option for #baby #clothes than pure #natural clothes. #Natural and soft baby and #kidsclothes are a way towards a healthy and happy child and for one happy and healthy childhood.

So, Woolnika is a strong hand-knitted bond between my "woollen" childhood and my son - my future. And not just for my kid, but also for every other kid, because they are our future and unconditional love and they deserve nothing else but natural and healthy clothes.

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